Our Top 5 Luxury Hotels In Paris With An Eiffel Tower View

Eiffel Tower

Ahh, Parisian elegance. Our top 5 luxury hotels in Paris consider the Eiffel Tower a part of their enchanté, which is to say an enchanting part of your stay. With a little help from Jetsetty, we’ll position you to capitalize on a great room at a spectacular hotel, with a very special view. Marveling at …

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Fun Hats & Drinks- Our Top 5 Races For Horsing Around

Horse racing

Table of Contents Here’s a list of our top horse races where it’s ok to let your hair down and have some fashionable fun. Unlike the Grand Slam tournaments for tennis and golf, no one here will tell you to shush.  We’re placing our bets across the board that win, lose or draw, you’ll have …

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