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happy couple with bike living in one of the top countries for finding happiness happiness

Top 5 Countries For Finding Happiness – 2021 Report

How exactly does one rank countries for finding happiness? At face value, that certainly seems subjective but there is a method behind this story. We …

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Man,And,Woman,Doing,Tai,Chi,Chuan,At,Sunset,On beach balneotherapy

Wellness Therapy That’ll Soothe The Soul-Our Top 5

Wellness therapy comes in many forms, but the common thread is that they all combine both mental and physical health activities. While rejuvenating the mind …

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Healing hot springs Global Hotels

Healing Hot Springs-Our Top 5 Onsen Ryokans For Wellness

It’s no secret about the medicinal powers of healing hot springs. We venture over to Japan to further explore these healing secrets, inside these century-old …

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zoo jeans Wearable Inspiration

Lions & Tigers & Bots, Oh My! 5 Cool Ideas Without The Wizard

We see this happening all around us, innovation inspired by Covid-19. We want you to be inspired as well, and we hope you’ve been racking …

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