Taste how sweet winning can be.

Jetsetty takes food seriously, which is why international cuisine plays well with our travel and lifestyle stories. Fine dining is one of the best parts of traveling, sometimes the very reason to take a trip! There’s a good reason top-rated hotels around the world achieve their status – it’s their restaurants. In fact, many have Michelin-starred chefs. These masters create amazing menus and some of these chefs even prepare meals with ingredients from their own gardens. 

Eat Well.
Drink Well.

pizza by a wood-burning oven best pizza

Our Top 5 Best Pizza Places In Los Angeles

We know this is gonna get personal, as Angelinos’ taste for pizza is vast if not infinite. So for the sake of narrowing down our …

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Maple bacon cocktail bacon cocktails

Our Top 5 Bacon Dishes-Smokin’ Hot With A Sizzling Twist

For those naysayers who don’t believe that bacon dishes shape entire nations, the U.K. was recently told to relax, the bacon supply from Denmark is …

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