Our Top 5 National Parks In The U.S. – Break Out The Bucket List


Our list of narrowing the top national parks in the U.S. down to 5 was no easy task, with 62 national parks coast to coast, the United States has some of the absolute best mother nature has to offer. What Exactly is a National Park? Comprised of 10’s of millions of pristine acreage, national parks […]

Vegas On Your Mind? Try These Top 5 Work From Home Hotels

Las Vegas sign

We’re always looking for more ways to help you escape your home to different surroundings. Checkout these work from home hotels with special deals going on. A cure for going stir-crazy may not be easy to find, but we can help. Covid has brought about new ways to get away and it’s being called Workations. […]

Go Wild! Our Top 5 African Lodges For Gorilla Trekking

baby gorilla

With less than 1000 mountain gorillas left in the world, gorilla trekking is an awe-inspiring trip you’ll want to be sure to add to your bucket list.  As a bonus, you’ll also find yourself immersed in some of the most spectacular African forests in the world, making this a tranquil getaway as well. Stronger than […]

Our Top 5 Zombie-Proof Luxury RVs That Are Full Of Treats

Expensive RVs

Luxury RVs are the way to go when you need to escape but don’t want to give up your simple pleasures. Of course, this includes room for your private helicopter, spa, big screen TV, wine bar, and sauna. With Covid, elections, and now zombies (’tis the season) there’s an endless barrage of headaches we all […]

Glamping Across The Globe-5 Luxury Camping Sites You’ll Love

Glamping tents

Remember when you went camping with the family, and your only memories were “this really sucked.” Well, we’re about to change all that. Welcome to the world of glamping. Out top 5 glamping locations across the globe will help wipe away those brain neurons that remind us of bugs and boredom – while adding new […]

Our Top 5 Off-The-Beaten-Path Places To Travel In The USA

slot canyons

We look at the United States as a giant sandwich. OK, not always but today we are in this context – there’s a lot of tasty stuff is in the middle. Today we bring you amazing, off-the-beaten-path places that are visual feasts, so indulge, you won’t gain a pound! We talked about the sweet hotels […]

Escaping Quarantine- Our Top 5 Places To Go Nuts, Then Chill

Escaping outside

It’s getting to be about time we need to plan our escape from quarantine. We’ve all been cooped up like chickens in the henhouse and now it’s time to escape quarantine and go crazy. Just to keep things in check and make sure we don’t go overboard, let’s start by going overboard, starting with a […]

Crop Art & Terrace Farming – Our Top 5 Landscapes From Above

Crop Art

We’re big thinkers here at Jetsetty and hopefully, you are too. So in the spirit of going large, check out our top 5 crop art and terrace farming landscapes. You’ll love seeing more of Stan Herd’s work as shown above. These incredibly beautiful canvases are created on acres of land and can only be appreciated […]

Flying Taxis and Flying Cars- Heads Up, They’re Coming

Flying taxis

If you’ve ever dreamed of experiencing the days of flying taxis and personal flying cars, hang in there – they are well underway. No doubt they’ll be even more exhilarating than a bullet train. In fact, some implementation has already begun with skyports and test runs in some major cities worldwide. Before we dive in, […]

Best Places To Visit in France – The Mont-Saint-Michel Mountain


If you want to visit some amazing places, this should be on the top of your list for one of the best places to visit in France. Off the coast of Normandy is Le Mont-Saint-Michel, a tidal island and mainland commune. Set in the beautiful bay where Normandy and Brittany merge, the staggering location makes […]