Miami Nice! Our Top 5 Miami Interior Designers

Miami interior with art

In a city where luxury goes hand in hand with architecture, each empty space would be looked upon as a dream canvas for any of our top Miami interior designers. On that note, you know this city is going to attract the best of the best with interior design. Not to be outdone by our […]

Our Top Chicago Interior Designers Anchored In The Windy City


The windy city is a mecca when it comes to talent with Chicago interior designers. It would take forever and a day to cover so many of these artistic experts anchored here. Chicago has that old-world style and we love how these designers bring modern and contemporary into this mix, but still remains distinctly Chicago. […]

Crossing the U.S. With Half A Million – What Home Can I Buy?


So what home can I buy with half a million dollars around the country? When it comes to home shopping and staying within a budget, what a difference a town makes. We explored a few desirable places to hang our hat and call it home. The first thing we ask is could I live here, […]

Celebrity Real Estate – Wooed, Loved and Sold – C’est La Vie


Like a celebrity romance, those mega-mansions and beautiful real estate celebrities own seem to follow the same fate – courted, loved, and then they move on. But before you shed a tear for those poor little homes, rest assured they’ll once again be courted, loved, and snatched up in a heartbeat. Now they have that […]

5 Expensive Homes In LA – Is A Bazillion Even A Real Number?

LA at night

As we mentioned before, we do pay for the weather and that’s why we’ll find so many of these super-expensive homes in LA. Okay, none of these homes are really selling for a bazillion, but for most of us, it might as well be an imaginary number. Right? These homes actually do sell eventually, and […]

The Real Brady Bunch Home – Quirky, Crazy Nuttiness

Brady Bunch home

We all loved the Brady Bunch, even that home we all believed they lived in. Let’s jump into the juicy stuff first, then we’ll move onto the fun facts. Here’s the story… Hopefully, I’m not breaking too many hearts by serving up a dose of reality, but the Brady Bunch house was actually just a […]

Minimalist Interior Design – Top 5 Ways To Maximize Simplicity


Let’s take a moment and reflect on what a minimalist interior design is at heart. For starters, why do we love those early James Bond movies so much? Quite possibly because the bad guys always had the coolest digs, as they were usually sleek and modern. Welcome to minimalism, a style that intrigues us as […]

When It Comes To Indoor Lighting, Warm Is The New Cool

Edison Lightbulb

Living in the 21st century, we should all be up to speed with the new LED warm indoor lights, and now we have they are more popular than ever. These are the ones that give that warm, old-timey glow and warms the soul – your bones not so much. As rad as they are, they […]