The 5 Top Interior Designers In New York City We Adore

Brad Ford top New York City interior designer living room

These 5 top interior designers in New York City really caught our eye in an awe-inspiring way. There are so many interiors waiting to be spruced up in the Big Apple so luckily, there are lots of gifted designers out there working their magic. We just couldn’t write about them all. This could have easily […]

Savvy Style-Our Top 5 Austin Interior Designers

Heather Scott Home Design

Our top Austin interior designers have mastered the fine art of balancing modern and traditional style while maintaining their roots with a rich southwestern flare. Austin is actually a hub for amazing talent in the interior decor arena, and this was not easy narrowing it down to just 5. Like our top Chicago interior designers, […]

Top 5 Luxury Home Accessories That Include A Robot Watchdog


Luxury home accessories and decor have really lept forward with technology and the wow factor, as we wrote about on our top indoor garden products. Now we’ll check out things that might not sustain your body, but will do wonders to help with your quest to find the coolest things on the planet for your […]

Our Top 5 Los Angeles Interior Designers, Laid-back & Spot On

Los Angeles interior designers

In the City of Angels, there are lots of Los Angeles interior designers who have risen to celebrity status, but today we’re honing in on 5 whom we love. LA practically invented the A-lister, from pastry chefs to dog whisperers, Los Angeles pretty much covers the entire gamut of the who’s who in the land […]

Elon Musk Lists All His Homes-Is A Space House Next?

Martian city

Well, it looks like Elon Musk has decided to sell all his houses and head for the hills. The only question is, the hills on which planet? If we’ve said it once we’ll say it again. Studies show that Experiences beat owning stuff, hands down. Since Elon owns SpaceX, his very own spaceship company, it’s […]

Crop Art & Terrace Farming – Our Top 5 Landscapes From Above

Crop Art

We’re big thinkers here at Jetsetty and hopefully, you are too. So in the spirit of going large, check out our top 5 crop art and terrace farming landscapes. You’ll love seeing more of Stan Herd’s work as shown above. These incredibly beautiful canvases are created on acres of land and can only be appreciated […]

Celebrity House Flipper Ellen DeGeneres Banks It Every Time


The best way to look at celebrity house flipper Ellen DeGeneres is that for the most part she really loves her home. For her, it’s a wonderful place to visit. But home? Meh. There. Now it all makes sense. No doubt she’s doubled down on her celebrity preferred luggage for all the times she’s packed […]

Moving To Boise? Here Are 5 Homes In The Million Dollar Range


Thinking of moving to Boise, Idaho? We think it’s safe to say the cat’s out of the bag on this one, Boise is rapidly becoming one of the most popular cities in the U.S. to buy a home. And it’s a much simpler life than you get with the big cities on the coast. You […]

5 Dreamy Home Furnishings To Help You claim Your Sanctuary

Hammock bath

Sure, you have some nice and useful home furnishings dilly-dallying around the house, but do they create a positive emotion or make you forget about a bad day? What you need is a shift in life, getting back to the good life, Jetsetty style. To take a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson – “beauty without […]

Miami Nice! Our Top 5 Miami Interior Designers

Miami interior with art

In a city where luxury goes hand in hand with architecture, each empty space would be looked upon as a dream canvas for any of our top Miami interior designers. On that note, you know this city is going to attract the best of the best with interior design. Not to be outdone by our […]