Our Top 5 Most Expensive Sneakers To Kick Back In

Golden Goose sneakers

Perusing through the world of the most expensive sneakers in the world can be daunting since many have a provenance attached, making them a pedigree with collectors status. These sell for crazy numbers on the resale market and at auction. Arguably, Nike would fill up almost any list thanks to their Air Jordan line. Scribble […]

Top 5 Luxury Home Accessories That Include A Robot Watchdog


Luxury home accessories and decor have really lept forward with technology and the wow factor, as we wrote about on our top indoor garden products. Now we’ll check out things that might not sustain your body, but will do wonders to help with your quest to find the coolest things on the planet for your […]

Our Top 5 Zombie-Proof Luxury RVs That Are Full Of Treats

Expensive RVs

Luxury RVs are the way to go when you need to escape but don’t want to give up your simple pleasures. Of course, this includes room for your private helicopter, spa, big screen TV, wine bar, and sauna. With Covid, elections, and now zombies (’tis the season) there’s an endless barrage of headaches we all […]

Ahoy Matey, Fresh Sea Air Awaits! Our Top 5 Luxury Houseboats

Arkup-Livable-Yacht-Luxury houseboats

Since some luxury houseboats somewhat fall under the same definition of a luxury yacht, we will differentiate this on our top 5 as those seaworthy accommodations that look and feel more like home. These houseboats come in two flavors. They are the cruising type of luxury vessel and the non-cruising type. We mixed in both. […]

Glamping Across The Globe-5 Luxury Camping Sites You’ll Love

Glamping tents

Remember when you went camping with the family, and your only memories were “this really sucked.” Well, we’re about to change all that. Welcome to the world of glamping. Out top 5 glamping locations across the globe will help wipe away those brain neurons that remind us of bugs and boredom – while adding new […]

Hotels In Space – Beam Me Up, Scotty!


It’s inevitable, we’ll all eventually end up in space one day, and that one day may be sooner than you think. In fact, our money says a hotel in space will happen long before any fast-food joint can actually place your burger in the center of the bun. Just sayin… NASA announced that it has selected Axiom […]

Our Top 5 Most Eccentric & Extravagant Sushi Experiences


Before we get into our extravagant sushi restaurant list, we’d like to point out there are just too many great sushi restaurants and sushi bars to count in a lifetime, let alone dine at. But we’re about enjoying an elevated, inspirational, and memorable experience, if not eccentric. Think bucket list-worthy. So on this one, we’re […]

Ready to Use Up Air Miles? Fly Over To These Top 5 Restaurants

Cosme restaurant

We like our top restaurants to be the whole package. This includes the vibe, ambiance, and overall experience so you’ll actually remember when someone asks you what you had for dinner last night. We also want you to talk about the experience over and over again. So whether you’re doing a day trip, a weekender, […]

Fast Trains – Making Them Part Of Your Vacation Experience


Realistically, your vacation starts the moment you leave your front door and fast trains are the perfect compromise between getting there quickly and enjoying the journey. With an average flight speed of 567 miles per hour on a commercial flight, these trains aren’t as nearly as fast, but we all know what clouds look like […]

5 Reasons Why You and Everyone Else Wants To Move To Miami


When shoveling snow has reached critical mass in those achy bones, you may become infectious with the common “I’m moving to Miami” syndrome. This can be triggered by a spark of inspiration to elevate your life – or perhaps you’re tired of paying so much in taxes. The federal tax overhaul that took place in […]