Homes Of The Presidential Candidates-Yes, Yeezy Included

Capital building

A funny thing happened on the way to the polls, and this is why our story about the homes of the presidential candidates will indeed include Kanye West, aka “Yeezy.” Ironically, since Kanye buys so many homes we’ll be limiting this to our top 3 homes of each candidate. Apparently, Ye has some sort of […]

Friends Cast House-Mathew Perry Likes Being High

Matthew Perry's house

Just a play on words, people. We’re talking about the houses of the Friends cast, specifically Matthew Perry. One of his homes just happens to be a sky-high penthouse in the exclusive Century building in Los Angeles. Matthew must be reading from Elon Musk’s script, he’s also liquidating his California properties so he can spend […]

Homes Of The Friends Cast -Jennifer Aniston Goes Mid-Century

Jennifer Aniston's home

Here at the home of Friends cast member Jennifer Aniston, we can tell her talents also lie in interior design. Most of us know Jennifer as Rachel Green in the long-running TV sitcom, Friends. But she’s also known for her impeccable taste in real estate and seems to gravitate towards the coveted mid-century modern homes […]

Burning Bucks With The Beib-Another Hot Property Bites The Dust

Justin Bieber homes

Another sprawling hot property in Beverly Hills was recently purchased by Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin. We can only speculate the checkbook for these two are a few inches longer than your average checkbook as they need more room for all the numbers – in this case, US$26 million. Not quite what the Beverly Hillbillies […]

Ahoy Matey, Fresh Sea Air Awaits! Our Top 5 Luxury Houseboats

Arkup-Livable-Yacht-Luxury houseboats

Since some luxury houseboats somewhat fall under the same definition of a luxury yacht, we will differentiate this on our top 5 as those seaworthy accommodations that look and feel more like home. These houseboats come in two flavors. They are the cruising type of luxury vessel and the non-cruising type. We mixed in both. […]

Elon Musk Lists All His Homes-Is A Space House Next?

Martian city

Well, it looks like Elon Musk has decided to sell all his houses and head for the hills. The only question is, the hills on which planet? If we’ve said it once we’ll say it again. Studies show that Experiences beat owning stuff, hands down. Since Elon owns SpaceX, his very own spaceship company, it’s […]

Beverly Hills Real Estate – Space Isn’t The Final Frontier For Bezos


Space or Beverly Hills? When it comes to Jeff Bezos, he’s so up in the air these days. Literally. Whether it’s his crazy high purchase of a Beverly Hills home perched high on an estate or his Blue Origin space company, the sky is just his starting point. Go, Jeff! We already know Beverly Hills […]

Celebrity House Flipper Ellen DeGeneres Banks It Every Time


The best way to look at celebrity house flipper Ellen DeGeneres is that for the most part she really loves her home. For her, it’s a wonderful place to visit. But home? Meh. There. Now it all makes sense. No doubt she’s doubled down on her celebrity preferred luggage for all the times she’s packed […]

Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick Buy Palazzo By The Sea


Professional athletes Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick both put themselves in harm’s way for a living, so the US$28 million they just spent on a hot property in Malibu seems justified to us. In fact, all things considered regarding other hot properties bought and sold in Los Angeles, this would be considered mildly moderate spending.Stretching […]

Hot Property Sells for $150 Million, Jethro Fits It All In His Mattress


This mansion’s exterior, which was used in the long running TV series “The Beverly Hillbillies,” has become one hot property. Smokin’ hot. In fact, we are now looking at the highest home sale in California to date. There is something profound that Jed Clampett, the star of the show knew all along. California is the […]