The Shapes & Colors In Vegetables – There’s More To It Than You Think


There’s actually an important meaning behind the shapes and colors in vegetables. Ever walk down the produce section of a grocery store and suddenly crave something red? That’s evolution doing its trick. Deep inside our mysterious brains, we subconsciously know that there’s a specific nutrient inside that red veggie our body is in need of. […]

Gold Rules – Our Top 5 Marathons Races Worldwide


We get it, you’re on a mission to wear out as many pairs of shoes in as little time as possible. We can help. These marathon races offer more than just competitive camaraderie. They take you through amazing scenery in exotic locations. Make sure you’re up to speed on the best times to book your […]

Watermelon, Sweet Healthy Watermelon

Aside from all the playful fun, those slippery spittin’ seeds give you, there’s a bonus you get.  Watermelon has awesome health benefits as well. If you’re looking for longevity in your life, live where they have plenty of melons! Watermelon contains only 46 calories per cup and is high in vitamin C, vitamin A, and […]

Health Benefits Of Sunlight – You Do Want To Go To The Light


Those who have had near-death experiences will tell you that eternal bliss is just down the hall and into the light. Now science has shown that there are health benefits of sunlight that might keep you frolicking on Earth for a bit longer. So it’s now OK, go ahead into the light and get some […]