Wellness Therapy That’ll Soothe The Soul-Our Top 5

Man,And,Woman,Doing,Tai,Chi,Chuan,At,Sunset,On beach

Wellness therapy comes in many forms, but the common thread is that they all combine both mental and physical health activities. While rejuvenating the mind and inner body, your physique gets in a little me time as well. The beauty of our top 5 types of wellness therapy is that they are easy to do. […]

Healing Hot Springs-Our Top 5 Onsen Ryokans For Wellness

Healing hot springs

It’s no secret about the medicinal powers of healing hot springs. We venture over to Japan to further explore these healing secrets, inside these century-old inns called a Ryokan. Not all Ryokans are created equal, and we’re going to focus on a special type of ryokan, the “onsen ryokan.” We know Japan is known for […]

Lions & Tigers & Bots, Oh My! 5 Cool Ideas Without The Wizard

zoo jeans

We see this happening all around us, innovation inspired by Covid-19. We want you to be inspired as well, and we hope you’ve been racking your brains for that next spark of an idea while holed up at home. You don’t need to be a creative genius or a wizard to come up with that […]

Indoor Drones? Using UV light to Stop Covid-19 – Our Top 5

Indoor Drone

UV light has been used as a sterilization method for some time, but Covid-19 has inspired new uses and brought forth some new cool devices for both consumers and businesses. We already know certain light from the sun gives us vitamins and keeps us healthy when taken in moderation, and now we’ve mastered harnessing the […]

Is A Longer Life In Our Cards? Medical Breakthroughs Say Yes


Who doesn’t want a longer life? Medical breakthroughs are now starting to put time on our side but first things first. Naturally, we have to keep the brain young and functional so we can remember all these other things to reverse aging. A lot of this comes back to our DNA, our genetic code that […]

Our Top 5 Indoor Gardens For Sustainability & Health

indoor garden

Suffice to say, the chia pet has leap-frogged across the stepping stones of evolution, now becoming the fashionable indoor garden. In fact, indoor gardens have gone high-tech and are even an integral aspect of interior design.  Besides looking cool, imagine craving a salad and being able to pick your own veggies from the comfort of […]

5 Reasons Why You and Everyone Else Wants To Move To Miami


When shoveling snow has reached critical mass in those achy bones, you may become infectious with the common “I’m moving to Miami” syndrome. This can be triggered by a spark of inspiration to elevate your life – or perhaps you’re tired of paying so much in taxes. The federal tax overhaul that took place in […]

Want To Live Longer? Fasting May be The Fountain of Youth


It seems more and more new info comes to light regarding the relationship between fasting and living longer. There are some great medical breakthroughs in the works to reverse the aging process, but for now, they only benefit mice. We know that Ponce de Leon never found the Fountain of Youth, but we can see […]

5 Best Places To Live A Longer Beautiful Life

If you’re wondering how to stretch your years into foreverness, and want to live a longer life,  where you live can make a big difference. If moving to one of these places is out of reach, try fasting for a longer life. That may also be the new fountain of youth. With Monaco coming in […]

The Shapes & Colors In Vegetables – There’s More To It Than You Think


There’s actually an important meaning behind the shapes and colors in vegetables. Ever walk down the produce section of a grocery store and suddenly crave something red? That’s evolution doing its trick. Deep inside our mysterious brains, we subconsciously know that there’s a specific nutrient inside that red veggie our body is in need of. […]