The Mesmerizing Homes Of Oprah Winfrey- Lovely All Around

Oprah Winfrey's Telluride kitchen

A-lister homes are hard to track the way they get bored of their real estate and move on so quickly. As for the many homes of Oprah Winfrey, these aren’t easy to keep track of either, but at least she keeps them long enough to get a story out before it becomes yesterday’s news. Here […]

Top 5 Churches Celebrities Attend-Keeping It Cool

Band performing at church

There are lots of churches celebrities attend, and our top 5 have the production value these A-listers are accustomed to. For many churches, the days of fire and brimstone preaching have been replaced by bands, large projector screens with visual effects, and even a little stand-up humor injected in their weekly message. Of course, quite […]

Our Top 5 Celebrity Cooking Shows – Baseball’s Out, Baking Is In

Celebrity chef Curtis Stone

Celebrity cooking shows are now the bomb, and it seems during these stormy times America has replaced our national pastime of baseball with baking. Warming up a Dodger Dog on a space heater doesn’t count as cooking, for those of you who still have your head locked into baseball. We’ve recently seen an influx of […]

Burning Bucks With The Beib-Another Hot Property Bites The Dust

Justin Bieber homes

Another sprawling hot property in Beverly Hills was recently purchased by Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin. We can only speculate the checkbook for these two are a few inches longer than your average checkbook as they need more room for all the numbers – in this case, US$26 million. Not quite what the Beverly Hillbillies […]

Safer At Home Jetsetty Style – Our Top 5 Celebrity Retreats

Retreats at sunset

During these safer at home times, we see this as an opportunity for you to hone in on your big dreams and get the wheels turning. Necessity is the mother of invention as the saying goes, so tap into your creativity and think big. History has a habit of reminding us of the amazing things […]

A Word About Oprah & Ellen- Same Storm, Different Boat

Boat in a storm

We’d like to say a word or two about Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres. Being a celebrity out in front of the masses, all A-listers seem to take their hits eventually. But for this article, we’ll single out Oprah and Ellen. Hopefully, we can put things in perspective with a positive take on life, which […]