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Man,And,Woman,Doing,Tai,Chi,Chuan,At,Sunset,On beach balneotherapy

Wellness Therapy That’ll Soothe The Soul-Our Top 5

Wellness therapy comes in many forms, but the common thread is that they all combine both mental and physical health activities. While rejuvenating the mind …

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photo-of-beautiful-young-woman-lying-in-flowers best makeup brushes

The Quality Makeup Brush Deconstructed – Hair’s The Difference

Does The Hair On A Makeup Brush Make A Difference? Pun aside, the hair on your makeup brush really does make a difference in how …

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Glitter makeup on eyes beauty products

Shine Like The Stars And Get Your Glitter Makeup On

Glitter as makeup takes us back to the prehistoric days where early humans are believed to have used glittery cosmetics, made of powdered hematite, a sparkling mineral. …

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